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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Great news! the long search is over on finding ways to earn using my blog. I have been asking friends and been researching for any paid to blog sites that can help me earn extra income apart from my regular job. Then I just came across this site Social Spark and read a lot of information about the fun and easy way to earn from just blogging about certain products or information from Advertisers. If you have an existing blog like mine all you have to do is go to the site mentioned above and register your site. If you don't have an existing blog Social Spark can even teach you how to create one or go directly to this site I'm currently using which is Blogger. On the Social Spark site go click on the Sign up process and create a username, password and some information about you and your blog then voila! you are now part of the Social Spark circle and start earning. Signing up is pretty easy right?make sure you have to create a Paypal account to receive your earnings and that's pretty easy co'z it means more shopping credits for you guys. I've checked other paid blogging sites before, and the reason I didn't sign up with them is because their sign up process is not that easy, by the time I finished filling up all the required fields the page expires. Here at Social Sparks, I made mine in just a few minutes and I enjoyed describing myself and my blog in the sign up process.

To get to know more information on how to go around and enjoy their services kindly read their Code of Ethics. Can't wait to work with advertisers and blog their products and services, thanks to Social Spark! Let's keep the blog rolling!:)

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On the verge of making a decision that will put an end to my present career and venture into another one. I've been in my present company for quite some time now and so thankful for all the people here who made me realize that there is life after death, that laughing is yes the best medicine to put an end to such miseries. We do laugh a lot at work, co'z I've been surrounded by funny people who made serious situations always funny, as some of you may know, our job is soooo stressful that lately I've been really thinking if the stress I'm getting here is still worth it. What can I say, these people have played a very big role in my recovery period. It saddens me to think that I'll be leaving them soon, but I have to make another journey to improve myself and this has been an on-hold decision that should have materialized long ago. Now, it's time...enough with people distracting me with my goals, slowing me down to make that big leap....and done with all the dramas that complicates my life more, concentrate on people who truly cares and who does love me that much not to hurt me....again and again. I hate goodbyes...but I have to move forward. A lot has already happened for the past weeks and change is the only constant reminder that what has been will never be the same again. I need to make the decision now for time won't wait for me....but hoping that love will. Oh please guide me......


Pretty Survivor ✿◕‿◕✿

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Yes, the title of my post refers to the word my friend M used to describe me how I managed to breeze through life for almost three years now, on my own...as I was reading the comments here I came across her message and yes, this is the only time that word strucked me...I guess, during the time when she wrote it I was not really feeling pretty then, yeah I survived it but hey, talk about low self-esteem and confidence was all that is showing on my face then....and after more than 2years, I agree I became a pretty survivor *blushing*:)...and a lot has changed since then and people are noticing the difference lately, thank heavens it's over....but of course, not totally, for I know in time I'll be dealing with them again to legalize everything...but for the meantime, still enjoying life as it is.

I also noticed this blog was put on hold for quite a long time and it's time to squeeze out some of my thoughts lately....

Let's talk about my spiritual journey....this journey helped me so much in becoming the survivor that I am today and taught me to appreciate life more and the people who fought with me in battle.....I've learned that it's not easy to let go of bitterness....it's never easy even if people will say you can do it and just move on...I guess, those people who easily adviced these are most of the times hasn't experienced the same or almost the exact pain I went through....it's not the person anymore, it's about the wrong that they have done to you and feelings are no longer an issue....I became a warrior, trying to stand up in middle of battle scorned and bloodily bruised, holding on to one thing that I know will shield me from any more blows...and that is my Faith....I fell a couple of times during the recovery period....been distracted too by many factors that tested my beliefs and principles.....and I realized I am a woman in progress....a woman, who amidst the trials and failures still managed to become the person that I am today....still trying to do what is right, sacrificing the one thing that makes her happy....holding on to her little Bible that makes her constant companion in times of confusion.....I know I am still weak and confused.....still trying to understand why things happens to some people and struggling to be a better Christian....this is one journey that I know has no end....for finding spiritual growth is a lifetime to achieve, it takes time for one to mature spiritually....and the good thing about this journey is the Faith and committment that goes along with it...the promise of a lifetime bonding with God....and that what makes life complete :)

Below are the different looks of my cutey Bible :)


Forgive...Forget...Move On...

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*This is an article a friend shared to me that moved me and I wanna share this to you too*

Forgive, Forget...Move On

At some point in our lives, we have experienced hurt caused by someone dear to us. Although some have found a way to forgive but many of us are still trapped in brokenness and forgiveness seems to be their last resort; let alone cursing and wanting evil to happen to those people who have caused the hurting.

Stop living in brokenness...

Allow yourself to live a life of fullness and happiness. We may think that if we forgive them, it will only let them know that what they have done is acceptable and we don't hold them guilty anymore. Also, if we have forgiven them, they may see no wrong in what they did and continue hurting us.Some may see this true but this is a false thinking.

Yeah, I know it is never easy. It's easier said than done. It's hard to let go and move on with your life. But it's even harder to forgive, forget what happened and again, move on with your life..

We all have tried to forgive but at times we let our anger dictate our willingness to forgive. Forgiving someone does not mean that you avoid or repress your feelings. On the contrary, it’s important that you acknowledge your pain and loss so that you can express your feelings, get them out into the light of day, and let them run a natural, healing course.Certainly others are to blame for their mistakes, but they are not to blame for our feelings. To forgive is to release another from being responsible for how we feel. By finding forgiveness, we are then free to let go of our pain. We may not forgive them now, but eventually, when the anger is gone, we will. However, that day will never come until we deal with ourselves first.

Better choose to live a happy life and not hate. When you choose not to forgive, you'll be overwhelmed by your negative emotions and you can't do anything about that state of emotion.Not only will you harbor resentment and bitterness, but your health will also be greatly affected. Why allow yourself to suffer these consequences when you deserve to live a more fulfilling and happier life after what you had gone through or are still going through?

Realizing that forgiveness is our own personal journey, we release expectations that others will respond to our deeds, even though each person’s healing has positive rippling effects.We don’t hold back. We gently swathe our pain with love. We allow thoughts and feelings to arise into awareness where they are recognized and permitted to pass on through.

When you forgive, you open a door that wasn't open before. This leads to a field of possibilities for a new kind of relationship with everyone. The healing of your hurts will take place and set you free from your emotional brokenness. This will lead you to a path of emotional freedom and receive untold peace and happiness.

"A winner reprimands and forgives; a loser is too timid to reprimand and too petty to forgive."


Vote for our CNN Hero!

Posted by Tina on Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm so proud of being a pinoy because of Filipinos like Efren Penaflorida....for giving his unconditional love and support for the youth of this generation....his inspiration and encouragements to these underpriviledged kids gives them hope that they can change the world...that this country is still a better place to live in...May the Lord continue to bless him as he steadfastly do His work....Let's vote for him kababayans!:)


Our Home Buddy

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Meet our home bud "Benj" a male shih tzu doggie....my Uncle who passed away 3yrs ago bought him and is now my special cousin's best friend and Lola's guard....this dog is so protective of my special child cuz and of my grandma that whenever you tried to go near my grandma whenever he's near he will try to bite you, I've been a victim of him twice already and no one dares to go near Lola whenever he's beside her....we call him "snobbish dog", he's not too friendly to non-members of the house and even is not so friendly to us either he is only afraid of my other male cousin and our housemaid....but for the rest he doesn't like being cuddled...not your typical dog right?he is really weird hehehe! But one thing is for sure he loves being photographed....so here are snapshots of him posing for me ;)


My Blog's New Look

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It took me two years to update the template of my blog...First, I'm busy and had really forgotten about this "On My Own" blog that I put up for the sole purpose of sharing my travel adventures in NY and my freedom from pain...I even noticed that I made a few drafts of some stories that I failed to share during my stay there like The Pennsylvannia Trip, Halloween NY Style and My Typical Day @ Ate's Place...those were all unfinished, and I'm not that keen anymore to share that as there are far more interesting topics to post for the next coming days...Don't worry, the NY adventure doesn't have an ending yet, as there will be more blogs about that in the near future...for now I'm excited to share the new look of my blog which is so Me and it gives the readers a glimpse of my personality...I'm still in the process of fixing some glitches and adding some features, hoping that my blog will have a polished look soon....I got so addicted to Facebook that I totally forgot that I have to blog co'z writing is a good therapy to release emotions and to broaden one's understanding of the world.

Now, I'm thinking of what topic to post next.......work?vacation?friends?or my family?.....let's see and check the personal archive of my life....:)


ASAP Show's Tribute to Michael Jackson!

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Me and some friends watched ASAP Show yesterday...thanks to Phang for inviting me to tag along together with my other friend Dhana. T'was a fun and memorable experience for the three of us since it's our very first time to watch the ASAP Show. I've been to the ABS-CBN Studio years back and was able to enjoy watching one full episode of "Home Boy"(morning show of Boy Abunda a few years ago) and got a chance to tour around the studio's premises courtesy of our friend Dang, who works in the said network. We're just so lucky that this sunday's show was a special tribute for Michael Jackson and the video shows how amazing OPM artists were when it comes to singing! Who would imagine we would be able to watch The Company, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Sarah Geronimo, Gary Valenciano, Charice Pempengco and Lea Salonga in one special number?! Oh well, only in ASAP!;)


Got a new toy

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Got a new toy to start blogging again and this time it's all mine yey!:) It's an Acer Aspire One notebook laptop, so small and yet so versatile just right for the on-the-go like me. Now, I'm busy transferring my files to my new buddy, hmmm have to think of a name for this new gadget. Finally, returning to my first passion before Facebook, so brace yourself...it's time to blog, blog, blog!;)



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It's been so long since my last post in this site....I've been very busy with work and enjoying every minute of life that God gave me. I'm so blessed co'z I'm surrounded with family and friends who continue to give meaning to my life. Met a lof of new and interesting people, travelled to different places and reconnected with relatives and old friends. Life is such a blessing....and I'm back with a lot of experiences and pictures to share :)


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